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With the world moving towards digitalization rapidly, the importance of digital marketing has been increasing proportionately. One of the greatest advantages that digital marketing offers is cost optimization. As compared to other marketing mediums, digital marketing helps to reach a large population within less time and cost. The small and medium businesses can reach their target customers with a single tap on-screen. Research proves that businesses saved up to 40% of their costs when they marketed digitally.

Basically, digital marketing includes all those marketing strategies that use the internet and electronic devices. Popular digital media channels are search engines, email, social media, and other websites that help companies connect with their customers in all possible regions.

Let us know what are the skills that employers look for in the field of digital marketing.

In-demand Digital Marketing Skills

Here are some of the top digital marketing skills that professionals need to develop.

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization refers to optimizing web sites so that it ranks higher in web page results, which is helpful towards getting large is helpful for websites, blogs, and infographics. Mainly SEO is concerned with making web content attractive by editing its text, graphics, and videos. SEO targets different searches such as image search, video search, news search, academic search.SEO’s work in different ways:

On-page SEO: the main focus area for this type of SEO is the data that exists on the current page that the user is seeing.companies can track user’s keywords or their purpose during their search and display results accordingly, which enables them to rank higher during search results.

Off-page SEO: the main focus of this type of SEO is on pages other than your is concerned with the ads or backlinks that a business gives to another partner website. What things can draw attention towards your website is an important question to consider. Therefore companies collaborate with different websites and thus strive towards building a strong network.

 Lastly, SEO focuses on the backend of the pages. The programming required and the design techniques are the areas.HTML, CSS and UI/UX design are used to design these pages.

2. Content marketing

It is concerned with marketing the content online in order to reach the target viewers for the organization’s work. The sources of content marketing include blogs, ebooks, and whitepapers. Companies post blogs on their websites or in social media in order to make people aware of the company’s work or their values. Often they publish free ebooks for their viewers. It has more detailed content thereby helping the viewers to get detailed insight. Thus it generates traffic thereby converting them to sales.

3. Social media marketing

Marketing through the medium of social media channels is known as social media marketing. The popular channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Businesses post their new products or their work. One important thing social media helps in is building a network of lots of people. So, businesses gain popularity by getting a good number of likes and reviews. Not only do companies get positive reviews but also they get new ideas. So, businesses analyze all these reviews and make decisions. This form of marketing is the cheapest. It is mainly helpful for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to build their network from scratch.

4. Pay per click(PPC)

Sometimes businesses advertise themselves through search engine results. Every time the user clicks on it, the business has to pay for it to the search engines. So this is known as pay per click(PPC). It is aimed at gathering traffic on the websites, thereby increasing sales. The popular platform used for PPC is google ads.the other platforms include paid ads on Facebook, Twitter ads and sponsored messages on LinkedIn. E-commerce websites use these opportunities to grab attention to users regarding their deals and seasonal product updates. News broadcasting media also uses it to display breaking news and other alerts.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to promoting other businesses’ products and services on your website, in exchange for a commission. It is performance-based and includes posting affiliate links on your social media account and hosting video ads through the Youtube partner program.

6.   Marketing Automation

Since automation refers to doing tasks with the help of advanced techniques without much human effort, so does marketing automation. Also, marketing aims at reaching a large customer base, which becomes easier with the help of marketing automation. Some repetitive tasks when done manually takes a lot of time and effort. So automation helps in doing those repetitive tasks in an easier way. the popular uses of automation in marketing include sending email newsletters, posting content on social media. The businesses recommend users to register themselves by providing their phone numbers and email addresses. Once they receive their contacts, automation software sends them mails, content newsletters videos, etc to them all at once. Automation uses the techniques and concepts of data science.

7.   Email Marketing

Email marketing is used by companies to engage their audiences. It helps in promoting content, new product launch, and also directs people towards the business’s website. The email marketing includes blog subscription newsletters, customer welcome emails, holiday promotions to loyal customers, tips on some topics for customers nurturing. The basic idea is to keep consistent communication with the people so that they may not lose any interest in your business.

8.  Online PR

Online PR is a way of building a relationship with the public in the online platform. It aims at earning trust from people which is beneficial for the long run. Digital publications, blogs are ways to do online PR. Online PR can be used for getting online reviews for your company, Engaging comments on your website or blog, reaching reporters through social media.


It has been observed that organizations are investing money in digital marketing more as compared to traditional marketing. As already mentioned, once digital marketing is done effectively, it reaches a large population. Hence, it increases the sales of the company. Also, It proves to be helpful in the evolution of businesses. One important thing is that digital marketing is beneficial for those people who want to become entrepreneurs or freelancers. By taking up some courses in digital marketing, it can provide a new direction towards your career growth. For those people who love to connect with new people and establish relationships, digital marketing is one of the right platforms.

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