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Cyril Macauley

Hello, Meet Cyril Macauley

Country Lead Sierra Leone

Short biography​

Cyril Carlos Macauley is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in IT, digital banking, and project management. Currently serving as the Country Lead in Sierra Leone, Cyril spearheads all innovative projects in the region. His role encompasses managing operations, ensuring seamless technical integrations, and driving strategic initiatives for business growth. Cyril has successfully led numerous digital projects, leveraging his technical skills and business acumen in sales, marketing, and operations. His deep understanding of digital-related fields and his ability to adapt to emerging technologies have positioned him as a key industry player. Cyril's commitment to excellence and strategic vision consistently deliver exceptional results, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.


Cyril Carlos Macauley is a highly skilled professional with diverse expertise in IT and project management, including digital banking, fintech solutions, and business operations. His proficiency in digital marketing, sales strategies, and brand promotion focuses on customer engagement and market analysis. Cyril's technical skills cover mobile money services integration, payment gateway solutions, and fintech's implementation. Additionally, he excels in leadership, team collaboration, problem-solving, and time management, showcasing adaptability in various situations.

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